Kingdom City

Kingdom City Church pursues excellence and innovation in all ministry endeavors; an approach that has spurred extensive growth. Slattery previously collaborated with Kingdom City in 2018 to create a north campus, transforming a pharmaceutical warehouse into an experience-packed sanctuary, coffee shop, and educational center that facilitates multiple services and programs throughout the week. Soon after completion of this work, Slattery worked with Kingdom City again to realize a second phase in the same location, highlighted by an outreach center that serves women and mothers in the community.

The relationship between Kingdom City and Slattery continues as the church grows into a south campus. The vision at this additional location is to transform an abandoned shopping center into a new enhanced worship center, anchored by a 1,000-seat auditorium. The program includes an intimate chapel for smaller services, family education center, an outreach center, and Kingdom City’s administrative headquarters. The design focuses on providing a unique experience at this new campus while utilizing a consistent materials palette to visually tie the two locations together. Careful attention is given to anticipated construction methods that strive for an affordable project that also utilizes the church’s highly engaged network of volunteers. Once completed, this new campus will expand Kingdom City’s outreach into an entirely new community.

An auditorium for 300, family education, a coffee hub, and group study areas are integrated with signage and branding elements throughout. The design considers simplicity of materials and a standardized color pallet for an affordable construction and opportunities for volunteer labor.


Kingdom City Church



Kansas City, Missouri

16,000 SF (North Campus)

60,000 SF (South Campus)



2018-2025 (anticipated)

$400,000 (North Campus)

$7,500,000 (South Campus)

A vacant retail center is transformed into the heart of an outreach ministry .

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