Mid-America Regional Council Offices

Employing over 150 people in multiple departments, the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) is a public, non-profit agency that serves nine counties, including 119 individual municipalities in the Kansas City metropolitan region.

MARC engaged with Slattery to initiate a programmatic study that includes a plan for post-pandemic needs and projected growth of the organization. The study not only includes a current space inventory and future needs analysis, but also a client-specific phasing strategy to implement growth over a period of ten years.

After completion of the comprehensive phasing strategy, the first phase was implemented in 2013, including the addition 12,500 square feet to reallocate space for all departments, increase the number of meetings spaces, and provide a centralized social kitchen amenity for the various departments to congregate. Careful attention was given to various performative systems to be fully integrated into the architecture of the new spaces, including HVAC, audio/visual, and acoustics to enhance the health and wellness for all of MARC’s employees.


Mid- America Regional Council (MARC)



Kansas City, Missouri

50,000 SF Space Study
Phased Renovations vary 12,500-20,000 SF




$800,000 First Phase

Space Study, Renovation, and Expansion to bring this 50,000SF existing office into the post-COVID era.

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