Wallace Design Collective

Wallace Design Collective is an innovative structural and civil consulting firm with offices located throughout the country. The opportunity to redesign their Kansas City office experience was paramount in their decision to relocate to the second floor of the historic Vitagraph building in the city’s Crossroads Arts District. Slattery provided architectural and interior design, including an in-depth iterative process to assure that Wallace’s forward-thinking approach was appropriate within the historic building. Furniture specification and coordination as well as managing the integration of existing furniture within the new design was important for consistency with the Wallace Design Collective national office standard. Additional coordination with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, technology, and telecommunications looked for reuse of the existing office as much as feasible, and strategic upgrades where appropriate. The resulting space reflects the forward-thinking culture of the entire Wallace operation and will be a statement for their design clients for years to come.


Wallace Design Collective



Kansas City, Missouri

6,300 SF





A modern, collaborative office is introduced into a historic building.

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