COMMUNITY / A New Design Partnership: Sean Slattery joins Odimo

A New Design Partnership: Sean Slattery joins Odimo

After 20 years at the award-winning firm El Dorado, Sean Slattery has joined the Odimo team as a strategic investment towards design excellence. Sean is also Amy’s spouse and trusted partner, and the pair truly complement each other in both life and architectural practice. Their combined experience in acclaimed design work and commitment to client service is unlike any other firm in the Kansas City region.

Now in its 7th year, Odimo is built upon a foundation of projects dedicated to the benefit of its clients as well as the professional growth of its own team of talented architects and designers. This foundation has led to new, exciting opportunities. Amy, Sean, and the entire team at Odimo are growing the firm with a mission to work alongside diverse groups of stakeholders and collaborators resulting in elegant design solutions and equitable outcomes that better the communities we serve.

Award-Winning Design Excellence

Sean has led design collaborations that have garnered over 70 local, regional, and national design awards. Rooted in a belief that all communities deserve beautiful outcomes, this drive towards design excellence is equally applied to all projects, regardless of type, scale, budget, or user.

As Design Director, Sean leads a collaborative critique throughout all projects, envisioning each project from the end-user’s perspective to create elegant solutions that have real-world applications while elevating the results to meet aspirational goals. He works with clients to assess their needs by guiding thoughtful and strategic programming efforts that result in simple and feasible design possibilities. This influences his vision and design execution, resulting in an elevated level of care for the design team’s daily work. He creates a natural rapport when interacting with project teams and clients through clear communication and an empathetic understanding of each stakeholder’s relationship with the project.

We are excited for Sean to join the Odimo team and propel our work forward.


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