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Let’s Start with Some Thanks

Hello I’m Odimo.. what do you want to build today?

Let’s start with some thanks.

Sho-Ping Chin, FAIA. She was a force of nature. A phenomenal designer, leader, and influence on our profession. What Would Sho-Ping Do? That has become my new standard. Thank you, Sho-Ping. Everyone who knew you hopes to be as impactful as you.

Sarah Beshears, Floc5. My first call. My guide, my honest critic, my driver, a referrer to new clients. She pushes when I need the nudge and executes stunning, memorable, beautiful work. The look and feel of Odimo is the result of our collaboration. She channeled my ideas and passion into visuals that I hope convey the vision of this design firm. Call her. Now. You need her.

Linda Laurence, Missouri Bank. A great friend who happens to be a great banker working for our city’s best local bank. Thank you for the cash flow statement. It’s cash flow, not start up that really made me look hard at the reality of this venture. Not only does my debit card look cool, but thanks Linda and MoBank, I think this business just might be sustainable.

Sue Yoakum, for excellent referrals, confidence building, and ongoing legal know-how. HG+CO for my accounting work and tax start up, Holmes Murphy for my liability insurance, and our long-time financial advisor, John Herriage at Prudential, whose amazing spreadsheets say we’ll still have a good retirement, and an even better one when this all works out. Tim Fleenor, photographer who took most of the beautiful shots on the site, and our family Christmas card photo.

The Ladies Who Launch, otherwise known as the FastTrac New Venture for Women, class of Fall 2015. Cash and Profit are not the same thing. Thanks for scaring the bejeebuz out of all of us Mary Lou! And thanks to the ladies still supporting each other on our Facebook Group.

Jared Nook, Kelley Hrabe, and Rudy Maines at Prairie Fire Development for my very first signed contract.

Stacy Tucker, Qualia Threads for centering and the often-needed reminder to ‘breathe’… I can’t wait to see what we continue to create in our city!

Steve Spangler, Simple Science for our first completed project – we can’t wait to celebrate the opening of his new location at 1914 Main this spring!!

Mike Fenske and Burns & McDonnell, for supporting me and sending me off warmly into this new venture. I still believe in the Master Builder, Mike, and always will be working toward that goal.

Girlfriends, conspirators, and collaborators (you know who you are). Just watch out world, what we’re all up to is going to continue to rock this party.

And of course, most of you know I happen to be married to perhaps the best architect in this town. He’s also quite the opposite of my irrational optimism, and has been fantastically able to walk the line as my toughest critic and most passionate cheerleader. And he’s also very good at dishes. (thank goodness).

Thank you Sean.

And thank you Kansas City for helping Odimo get this far. Now let’s do this. Bring it.



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