COMMUNITY / National Women’s History Month

National Women’s History Month

In March, we were inspired to spotlight our network of powerful and impactful women in honor of National Women’s History Month.From clients to collaborators, family to friends, the success of Odimo is due in large part to the women who work with and support our team. There remains much to overcome as we actively pursue true parity in the design, construction, and real estate industries. In the midst of the (much needed) exposure and confrontation happening via architecture’s own #metoo moment, we choose to focus instead on the progress we see in our industry — and the optimistic future of our practice.

Many thanks to the thirty-one women* who contributed and allowed us to feature them in our March social media feed.

Day 1: Jessica Kennard, Lincoln Properties
Day 2: Sarah Beshears, Floc5
Day 3: Miss Anna Slattery, age 8
Day 4: Meghan Dudek, Benson Method
Day 5: Christina Hoxie, Hoxie Collective
Day 6: Kerri Knox, Business Bits
Day 7: Rosana Privitera Biondo, Mark One Electric
Day 8: Jill McCarthy, KCADC
Day 9-10: Cydney Gurgens, UMB Bank and Debora Field, Newmark Grubb Zimmer
Day 11: Grandma Stillwell and Mark Stillwell
Day 12: Darcey Schumacher, Wallace Engineering
Day 13-14-15: Grandma Steffen, Suzanne Stillwell, and Elizabeth Stillwell
Day 16: Mary Cravets
Day 17-18: Heather Hoyle + Denise Guzzman, HG+CO
Day 19: Monica Santos, Antella Engineering
Day 20: Maquiwa Banks, VIA Lifestyle Concierge
Day 21: Sara Greenwood, The Greenwood Consulting Group
Day 22: Emily Farris, FestiveAF
Day 23: Mandy Moore, Odimo
Day 24: Elisabeth Decoursey, KC Testing and Business Bits
Day 25: Sue Yoakum, Yoakum Law
Day 26: Linda Laurence, MoBank
Day 27: Heather White, The Russell
Day 28: Chrystal Truss, School Smart KC
Day 29: Ashley Sadowski, Odimo
Day 30: Women of the AIA Trust: Anne Marie Decker, Sara Kay, Ann Casso
Day 31: Alicia Walsh

(*Pictured in no particular order in compilation image.)


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