COMMUNITY / Odimo begins a new, bold era as SLATTERY Design + Architecture

Odimo begins a new, bold era as SLATTERY Design + Architecture

After eight years dedicated to partnering with clients to realize their visions, Odimo is excited to announce a new brand as SLATTERY Design + Architecture.

Founded in 2015 by Amy Slattery, Odimo has become an established contributor to design culture in the Kansas City community as architects who partner, lead, and inspire.  Last year, her spouse and trusted partner, Sean Slattery, joined the firm as a strategic investment towards design excellence.  SLATTERY is not only a commitment to our own partnership but is also our personal commitment to partnerships with our clients, collaborators, and the communities we serve.

As established with the Odimo concept, SLATTERY will continue to refuse what has historically been a binary choice between “design” and “service”.  We, and the entire team at SLATTERY, have a responsibility to provide design excellence while serving the visions of our clients and communities.  The firm is dedicated to this philosophy:

Design Excellence is for Everyone.  We are dedicated to designing equitable, elegant solutions regardless of scale or budget.

Architecture is Stewardship.  We take pride in being responsible stewards of the vision and investment of our clients by understanding the unique set of goals, constraints, and stakeholders involved in each project.

The Profession Needs to Shift.  We embrace our role as advocates within our own profession, leading a shift not only in how we approach design, but also how we care for the well-being of our staff, our community, and our environment as we create beautiful work together.

Amy, Sean, and the entire team at SLATTERY are proud of the work we have already done and are excited about this evolution of our firm.



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