Odimo Celebrates 5 Years

Five is a great number. Its powerful. Meaningful. Natural.

Five elements. Five senses. Five fingers on your hand.

Five years.

When I launched this idea, that’s what it was… an idea. A hopeful, ambitious proposal for a new business model for architectural practice – bringing together design and service as a true strategic partner to our clients. With this vision, Odimo has beaten every growth target since its founding, achieving unexpectedly early success upon which we continue to build.

I believe that architecture has not yet fully evolved in pace with the rest of the AEC industry. My intention is to redefine how we, as architects, lead and partner to better serve our clients. We need to be more than skilled technicians and talented creatives. The future of our industry will be with those who deliver both high-quality design AND understand our clients’ organizational challenges and business imperatives.

This is Architects Leading, championing our client’s vision, not just our own.

This is Architects Partnering with our clients, our collaborators, and our community to overcome the complexities and challenges of equitable design, construction, and development processes.

This is Design Inspired by our clients and community.

We are still working on implementing this idea with our clients and collaborators. But we’ve made progress, and our repeat clients in these first five years are the beginning proof of the success this approach will be for our industry.


This week we are celebrating Odimo and the first five years of that idea. It’s cold. It’s February. In the previous four years, we’ve hosted a Chili Cookoff to ward off the cold and to celebrate our clients, community, and collaborators. We are already looking forward to next year’s celebration. Instead this year, we’ll be virtually toasting five years with our team. We’ll also be highlighting some memories throughout the week and looking forward to the future of this idea.

It’s always gray in February – but this year is exceptionally frigid.

Stay warm. Stay safe. And CHEERS!


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