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What’s in a Name?

ODIMO [ah – di – mo] verb. To Navigate – your advocate, your guide, your architect.

That’s what we do. As architects we support our client’s vision by helping them navigate the sometimes daunting process of design and construction.

In a RIBA Journal article from September 2015, Sean Cook, design director for prominent developer Clivedale London stated about architecture ‘The profession should be perceived as leaders in the industry, and that’s right through the process, from inception, consultation through to delivery, product innovation and construction.’

This is architects championing their client’s vision of a project from concept to completion. This is architects responding to their client’s needs – not just with bricks and mortar – but with an understanding of how this investment impacts their business.

This is what Odimo is founded on. We don’t drive. We guide. We advocate. We work hard for the best results for our clients. This isn’t about the black-cape architects vision. This is about how design can elevate your work, change our communities, and frame a better future.

That’s what we’re interested in. How can we make what you do even better.

So that’s what Odimo is about. And we kind of like the way it sounds… We hope you do too.


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