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When to Call an Architect

CREW Network exists to transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. One of their recent initiatives is the creation of the ‘Member Minute’ where CREW members are able to highlight their expertise and companies.

Amy was recently invited to share a brief minute with CREW, and we thought we’d share an extended summary of that conversation.

Many times in our work, we are approached by potential clients almost too late in the process, so I’d like to share with you today how and when to engage your architect.

First – if you are moving a door or wall in a commercial space, you most likely need an architect. Any change impacting egress needs to be reviewed and possibly submitted for permit with an architect’s seal. We can also tell you if you need other engineering sealed drawings, saving time and money even on the smallest commercial remodels. But hopefully you’re calling us way before you need an inspection.

Second – It’s never too early to talk with an architect. If you or your client is thinking about a new space, call us. We can help better understand your space needs and requirements. Ideally we go through what is called a Visioning and Programming process even before you have identified the new property. We help clarify your goals and confirming how many, what type, and what size of spaces you need. Our job is to ask questions and give you options that may include an increase, or a reduction in your square footage needs.

Third – If you are walking space options, call us. We walk spaces all the time for speculative clients and consider it part of our business development efforts. Brokers sometimes hesitate calling me, but I’m up for it any time I can fit in my schedule. For a nominal fee we also do test fits to confirm your programmatic needs fit the space or spaces you are considering.

We often bring partners to the table depending on your needs and the space we are walking, whether that is specific engineering systems or construction. We like to partner with these experts early on as well – particularly for cost conversations so you and your client can make informed decisions.

Once you have confirmed the space you are purchasing or leasing, we then enter a formal engagement for design and construction administration, through project close out.

Our job is to be your advocate through this process, aligning your goals with your investment.

Amy is a past president of CREW Kansas City and is a life-long member and advocate for women in Commercial Real Estate.

Member Minute: Amy Slattery Shares When to Bring an Architect into Your Project – YouTube


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